Much of Britain’s heritage is concealed in churches and religious buildings that are slowly being recorded by The Art's Society volunteers. Church Recorders make records of the content of churches – memorials, metalwork, woodwork, textiles, windows, etc. While we have recorded over 1000 churches, there is still plenty of scope to record the numerous churches and religious buildings in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Art Society Windlebrook Church Recorders, assisted by members from Camberley, Englemere, Ascot, Wokingham and Surrey Heath completed the record of the Church of St Michael the Archangel, at Warfield, and presented it on May 8th 2016 - the year, the church was celebrating 1000 years of worship on the site.

The Church Recording group has now moved on to recording St Mary's Church, Winkfield.  Probably the most striking thing about this church are the oak pillars that support the roof of the nave, dating from 1592, in the time of Queen Elizabeth 1st.

Photo - The oak pillars in the Nave.