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17 October 2019A Tour of Big Ben
19 September 2019The Roaring Twenties
18 July 2019The Thames, theatre of pageantry and pleasure
27 June 2019Mind the Gap: Graphic Poster design on the London Underground
16 May 2019From Pageant to Pop: a history of music in London
18 April 2019Basingstoke and its contribution to world culture
21 March 2019Feasts and Fantasy : food and its rituals
21 February 2019100 years of deception: hoaxers and swindlers in the 18th century
17 January 2019As Good as Gold
13 December 2018The Boy who bit Picasso
15 November 2018Holbein in England
18 October 2018Five Famous Paintings: some useful hints when trying to decipher art
20 September 2018Skin Deep: the Beastly Art of Beauty; Reality and Ridicule
19 July 2018Windsor Great Park and the Royal landscape
28 June 2018Pots and Frocks: the world of Grayson Perry from Essex potter to superstar national treasure
17 May 2018London’s changing skyline: Past, Present and Future
19 April 2018A Child of Six could do it: cartoonists’ views of Modern Art
15 March 2018Brilliant British Humour in the forgotten art of the Picture Postcard 1909-39
15 February 2018Queen of Instruments – the Lute in Old Master paintings
18 January 2018Undressing Antiques
14 December 2017Getting under their Skins: finding character and story in Renaissance art
16 November 2017Women Impressionists:Mary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot in relation to their male contemporaries
19 October 2017Symphonies in Colour: the Mosaics of Ravenna
21 September 2017Vivaldi in Venice
15 June 2017Henry Moore - England's Greatest Sculptor
18 May 2017La Mortella - Modern Italian Garden
20 April 2017Picasso and his Women
16 March 2017The Dollar Princesses: American women who married into the European aristocracy and whose wealth helped preserve houses and estates
16 February 2017The Rothschilds of Waddesdon Manor
19 January 2017From Flea-pit to Picture Palace: a history of British cinema
15 December 2016Christmas at Covent Garden
17 November 2016The Medieval Guildhall – a London nerve centre for 2,000 years – sculpture, monuments and art in this hidden gem

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A Tour of Big Ben Tim Redmond Thursday 17 October 2019

‘Big Ben’ is one of the most iconic buildings in the world – it identifies the UK and democracy in the Western world. But there is a lot more to this tower than the beautiful external gothic architecture. Using stunning images, we will be taken on a virtual tour of the interior, saving us the effort of climbing 334 spiral stairs.

We will hear about the controversial personalities involved in the designing and building of the tower and look behind the magnificent clock faces before going into the belfry to see Big Ben.